I’m the Artshow, Deal With It! and a New Completed Goal.

First, a round of applause for me for accomplishing a goal that was near impossible years ago: to wake up each day by at latest 8:00 a.m. Granted, it’s all because of my job, but now that my internal clock is actually starting to adjust to it (I didn’t even sleep in this weekend because I was just so alert by 6:30, tragedy!) I guess I can call this goal completed. Interestingly, I thought this would be one of my last goals to be completed simply because of how difficult it has been for me to wake up in the past; no joke, I used to sleep until noon or even 2 p.m. if I didn’t have anything to wake up for. I’m hoping that I’m not calling this too early, but I do feel pretty good about it, as it’s been running pretty strong the last couple of weeks.

On to the artshow! So PixelDrip put on another art show, this one for Legend of Korra called “I’m the Art Show, Deal With It!” at the Monk Space this weekend. I was really bummed to have missed out on their “Six Seasons and a Movie Art Show” for Community due to a last minute illness, so I was determined to make it to this one. It was really fun, and there was a lot of gorgeous artwork; though, because it was the second day, a lot of prints were sold out, and even a few had been taken off the walls (but they were in the slideshow!) I was kind of sad that 2 of the ones I probably would have bought were sold out, but that could’ve been a hint from the universe to be a little more financially responsible, haha. I wish I could have gone on Saturday as well, but unfortunately there were conflicting plans. Perhaps if they do another show in the future, I can find a way to go both days.

After we had checked out all of the art, we headed out for food, where we decided to eat at Mr. Pizza, solely because of it’s tagline:

Mr. Pizza Menu

Tell me that is not fantastic.

The food itself was great too! I got the Potato Gold, which has a sweet potato crust; once again I was trying food for science but all of the flavors were really great together. Also the leftovers reheat really well, which is another plus. I’d like to go back sometime, and try some of their other pizzas!

Mr. Pizza: Potato Gold, and I forget the name of the pasta

They had a 50% off pasta with a pizza deal, and I didn’t have much self control when it comes to that. The pasta was pretty good too, but I wish more of the shells had been open.


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