Lifescouts Badges: 9/37 isn’t too terrible…







So I found Lifescouts on tumblr a while ago, and thought it was a neat idea. It’s basically encouraging people to share their experiences together, and you can even buy the pins in the store, which I am always tempted to do because I love putting pins on my bag. I was going to reblog each entry on my tumblr with the story for each badge, but I felt like I didn’t have any cool stories for the badges that I’ve earned, so maybe putting them all together will make up for it haha. I still don’t have all that many badges, but that’s just encouragement for me to try some new things. (I have already stolen quite a few ideas off their badge list!)

Zoo Badge

 Visit a Zoo

I’ve been to quite a few zoos, in different states and countries even. (This is for sure an incomplete list, but: The San Diego Zoo, The Los Angeles Zoo, Santa Ana Zoo, The Phoenix Zoo, Smithsonian National Zoological Park, Parque de las Leyendas, and America’s Teaching Zoo.) I’ve enjoyed all of them, and have some semi interesting stories (like the time at the Smithsonian where a friend and I were pretty much separated the entire time because no matter what we did we kept missing each other) but I think the most fun I’ve had was at America’s Teaching Zoo, because a friend of mine is currently working there, so she gave me a tour. It was really fun, learning all of the animals’ names, and hearing funny stories about things they’ve done and personality quirks they have.

Swimming Badge


 Man, I can’t even remember how old I was when I first started learning to swim. I do remember I took lessons at the same time as my sisters, and that I was never very fast unless I pushed off the wall to give myself some momentum. I don’t really have any interesting stories to relate here actually — except that I never learned how to dive? I just jump into pools or off diving boards feet first. One day I’ll get to it I guess? Maybe.

Watching a Sunrise

Watch a Sunrise

So I wish I had a positive experience with earning this badge, but I have never watched a sunrise on purpose. It’s always been a part of the process of pulling an all-nighter in college, looking out the window and seeing the evidence that you are running out of time. Every once in a while I’d watch it as my break, drinking some tea and cursing the amount of work I had left to do.


 Hold a Snake

I’ve held snakes loads of times, as my friends have owned quite a few, but the best experience was when I was 15; my mom and sisters had gone to visit Peru, so I was home with my dad. We decided to head to Santa Barbara for a weekend, and in walking along this street trying to decide on a restaurant for dinner. On the sidewalk were these two guys, with baskets, and tanks around them that had snakes, lizards, and iguana, scorpions and spiders. I went to have a look, and they were allowing people passing by to hold some of the snakes. I decided to hold two of them, one around my neck and one in my arms, and I was having a great time while my dad was just increasingly nervous. I figured out why when the guys were trying to get the snake around my neck off of me — he had tangled himself up into my hair and around my ponytail and just did not want to leave me, haha! It was fitting, considering his name was Pest.

Own a Pet Own a Pet

The only pets I have ever owned have been two mice, Ginger and Tiger, on account of my sisters being allergic to cats and dogs. They were super cute, and friendly and playful — and my god did the wheel drive my mother nuts when it wasn’t oiled.

Ride a Horse

 Ride a Horse

When I was younger, my dad used to take us to a place with pony rides every other weekend or so after someone had a birthday there.  I have no idea what I did but at one point a horse tried to bite my face. So since then I joke that horses sense my evil but it’s probably just them reacting to me being somewhat wary around them now.

driving Driving

I started learning to drive when I was 18, but didn’t actually test for my license until I was 22. This was because when I got my permit I didn’t feel like I had practiced enough to take the test before I left for college. And since my university was out of state, and I didn’t have any access to a car, there wasn’t really a way for me to practice there, and my breaks were too short for me to get real practice in. There were summer breaks where I could’ve done it, but I put it off because it was easy for me to get a ride, and practice driving sessions had made me a little scared of driving (things kept happening, like dogs running out into the middle of the road!) and I had an out of state internship one summer, so it was the summer before my final semester that I actually ended up getting it done.



So I’m not sure if this badge is for ever having to administer CPR or if getting certified counts, but I was certified once, in middle school. It was a class we were all required to take, and I sadly don’t remember much of it at all. I never got it renewed, though I feel like I should probably retake it at some point, just in case.


There was a ‘Chess Club’ in middle school, but it was more of a class for the first couple of weeks as no one but the instructor knew anything about playing chess. I wasn’t a member for long, only long enough to pick up the basics and a few tricks because they switched the meeting time from after school to during lunch, and I really wanted to eat.

So what badges have you guys earned? Got any awesome stories for me?


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