Galentine’s Day 2013

So this is a bit late, but I wanted to share how I spent my day!

The three of us!

I spent the day with Carisse and Shlee, whom I’ve known for aaaages. The plan was to enjoy delicious food, watch some movies, hit up some food trucks for dinner, and then watch the Halloween episode of Community when it aired. For the most part, things went to plan.

So the first thing we did was do our makeup and get our hair all pretty (And by we I mean Carisse. She is so talented at doing all of this; I really need to get my act together and learn!) I’m actually wearing fake lashes for the very first time in these pictures. I’m not sure it’s something I’ll do again, because they actually look like my regular lashes when I have mascara on. So unless I put on some crazy ones, it’s not really worth all of the effort it took to get them on.

I love the hood, though it's a little small.     Full outfit for the day!

Kind of had a red and pink theme going on to match the day, which made the blue nails I had the other day seem a bit out of place. Decided to repaint them to match better.

Red nails and strawberry wine!

Haha, ignore the blue tinges on my fingers from a hasty nail polish remove job… I went for a plain red, and then tried to do a gradient effect with red sparkly nail polish I had, but I’m not sure how effective it was, and sadly the nails don’t photograph well. (If anyone knows of any super easy tutorials for gradient effects, I’d love to see them!) I do like how they look though.


So Carisse made us lunch, and is an absolutely amazing cook, you guys have no idea. And the wine was Chocolate Dipped Strawberry wine, which seems like it would be really weird, but I actually liked it a lot. While at this point, we were supposed to be watching Clue because they had never seen it before (and it’s one of the movies that are a friendship requirement for me!) but I remembered that the fireside hangout with President Obama was on, and John Green was on the panel of people asking him questions so we pulled that up instead. Once that ended we decided to go for ice cream, to Cool Haus, which I had never been to.

galdayicecream2     galdayicecream3

They had all sorts of weird flavors, and we got set to trying all of them (that employee was a saint; I’m so sorry!) I ended up getting a BBQ Chocolate ice cream sandwich in red velvet cookies and a scoop of Guiness Chip for science, but other notable flavors were Spicy Pineapple and Cilantro, Ol’ Dirty Mint, Chocolate Chipotle, and Whiskey and Lucky Charms. They change their flavors daily, so I am going to have to come back to see what other crazy things they make, because as weird as all of those flavors sound, they all tasted pretty good! At that point it was starting to get kind of late, and we were hitting really bad traffic, so we decided to skip out on food trucks so that we wouldn’t miss Community. A good move on our parts, as it was a hysterical episode. We ended the night watching Clue; all in all, it was a great day and I glad I got to spend it with them. (Aaaand a huge thank you to Carisse for the really nice photos, which look hilarious contrasted with the ones that were obviously taken with my phone’s camera, haha.)


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