Fixing my Nails, and Turning my Life into a Video Game

So for the past couple of weeks I’ve been trying to fix myself up in very gradual ways; getting my brows done and painting my nails (the last time was for graduation, in December,) organizing my closet into winter/summer clothes (and donating everything I knew I wouldn’t wear again or didn’t fit properly), storing all of the things from my old apartment that I am not going to need for a while (it may have taken ages to box and label everything but at least I know exactly where everything is!) buying a calendar and actually using it, rebuilt my professional wardrobe, drafted 5 different templates for cover letters, and started (trying) to walk 30 minutes a day on the treadmill, to name a few things.

Blue + blue

Trying to enjoy this now, before having to go in for job interviews! Sadly the sparkles didn’t photograph as well as I’d hoped.

I’ve also been trying to get used to how much has changed since I got back from university. Pretty much all the restaurants and stores have changed, and while it’s sad that a lot of places I was really familiar with are gone now, it’s been rather fun to explore the new places that have popped up.


[Elbows Mac N Cheese in Cerritos] – I had the Pizza Macaroni and the Vanilla Sweet Potato Fries, for science. Science is usually the reason behind a majority of my food choices in restaurants. (Both tasted fantastic, by the way – also if you check in on Foursquare you can get a free drink! I missed out on that like an idiot, but there’s always next time!)

I’ve also been trying out a to-do list app that I think is actually going to work for me. It’s called HabitRPG, and it essentially turns your daily tasks into a video game quest. You earn experience and gold for getting things done, and lose HP when daily tasks go undone, or when you give in to bad habits. (For example, I put drinking soda as a bad habit that I’m trying to kick. So every time I drink it, I suffer the HP hit.) Gold can be cashed in for two types of rewards: rewards you set yourself (like in my case, I can reward myself with a Starbucks run if I pay 10 gold) or armor/weapons/potions for your character to upgrade your character stats, which is a feature that unlocks at level 2. I’ve only been testing it out for a little while, and normally I wouldn’t blog about it until I’ve explored it more (like, I am waiting until I’ve run a few more missions in the Zombies, Run! app before I give it my review) but they currently have a Kickstarter that is set to end in 5 days. It’s already met its goal, which is great, because I would really benefit from a mobile app, but the more money it gets, the better the features are going to be. I personally am looking forward to the priority multiplier and other app integration (which would be great for getting me to quit forgetting Fitocracy exists.)

That’s all for now, I’ve actually got a really fun Valentine’s Day planned, and hopefully I’ll get good pictures to make that post later today! I hope everyone has a great day whether or not you’re celebrating!


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